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March 23, 2017

Travels of Lily + Elyse // Chicago

Hey Friends!!

So we thought it might be fun to share some of our travels with you!! First up, Chicago, Illinois! (Jan. 2016)

We had been planning this trip for quite a while and were so excited when it finally rolled around… EXCEPT: the morning we were supposed to leave was an actual blizzard! (the snowstorm last winter that forced everyone to stay inside for days? yes- that’s when we decided to take a road trip!) Thankfully, our fearless leader, (Rich) was so brave and so ready to take on the snow.

SOOOO… we piled in the car like sardines…. (truthfully, the trunk was full…. & the back seat had suitcases in the floor.. it got a little complicated) & off we went!

Alot of the drive to Chicago looks like the photos above; farmland and old houses. It’s definitely not the most interesting drive, so plan your road trip essentials ahead of time.

Finally…. After many long hours in the car…. (poor rich was the only guy on the trip with 4 girls… BLESS HIS HEART) we started to see signs of Chicago!

We arrived @ golden hour… and you know how we feel about golden hour. There is really nothing better. πŸ˜‰ We spent that evening with Rich’s family that live in Chicago, laughing and enjoying each others company. (SO GOOD) They even cooked us dinner!

Every morning in Chicago was the same. Our suite overlooked lake Michigan, and we had the most incredible view of the sunrise every day. (we didn’t really have a choice, our wall was basically a giant window!) We sat together, sometimes in silence, sometimes with music, sometimes with giggles… but always with a cup of tea in hand. (Our Preference, Lemon Lift) πŸ˜‰ We treasured these mornings… they were so. so. sweet.

When you’re in Chicago and it is magically snowing…. you take pictures of the people you love. (What kind of photographers would we be if we had passed this moment up?)

The infamous bean!

Rich is quite the musician… so naturally, we had to swing by the Chicago Music Exchange!(he was such a good sport this entire trip, so he was allowed to take some time for himself.) πŸ™‚

Magical times with some of our very best friends! We loved this unique city and can’t wait to go back!

If you’re looking to visit Chicago soon, we suggest:

Antique Taco: Amazing Tacos.

Bang Bang Biscuits and Pie: Say yes to the bacon biscuit and every single flavor of pie. (we had pie for breakfast and had no shame)

GO ICE SKATING! (only in the winter) We loved this…. yes, there were a few wipeouts…nonetheless, amazing memories.

We hope you loved seeing a little glimpse of our fun trip!

XOXO, Lily + Elyse

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