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March 21, 2017

Colorful Farm Bridal Shower!

Disclaimer: your Lily Elyse gals mega failed at sharing this with you earlier…. but in our defense, our bff was getting married and we had to celebrate!!

Something you may or may not know about us is that we LOVE all things wedding.. (you’re probably thinking, well thats a good thing seeing as you’re wedding photographers, LOL) but what you may not know is that we both wanted to be wedding planners growing up… Elyse had a wedding birthday party as a little & I transformed my family computer desk into my personal wedding planning office. (I even had the classy zip up binder full of ALL of my important wedding things) Needless to say, our job is a dream come true.

Not only do we love photographing weddings, but we LOVE decorating and planning the details that make them unique! This was a bridal shower that we threw for one of our best friends, Savannah! Savannah is as colorful as they come.. She rocks colorful hair, loves chickens (no, not chicken nuggets, chickens) and will always choose neon orange if given a chance. We knew this day had to be colorful and unique, and celebrate all the things that make Sav who she is. We hope you love seeing this day as much as we did!

+ a HUGE thank you to Athena Farm and Vineyard for always welcoming us and going out of their way to make every event and wedding we’ve ever been a part of there SO SO special.


Sav’s favorite “special drink” growing up was a “shirley temple”… so of course they had to make an appearance!

This “Shine” sign was handmade by one of our friends & actually lights up!! We spiced it up for this event with some wildflowers we picked at the farm that morning! 🙂 

We knew we wanted our tablescapes to be eclectic. We went with natural wood picnic tables, light skinny fabric runners and a garland made of beautiful, fresh (& hard to find) greenery.

*PRO TIP- Order your greenery ahead of time from a local florist. You’re guaranteed it will be lovely, and you won’t have to search all over your town for it. 😉

To make it extra personal, we added pictures of Sav + Preston throughout the garland!

We ALWAYS go overboard on dessert…. but, celebrating means enough dessert for at least a week, right?

*PRO TIP #2- If you’re going to plan an outdoor party in the middle of August, just say no to the chocolate covered strawberrys… they’re beautiful, but we guarantee they will end up all over your face!

One of the most unique things about this shower were the place settings.. each place setting had a unique piece of vintage china with a handmade fabric napkin… (Thanks to family + friends for their help with this unique idea!) On top of the napkin was a sweet quote that reminded us of Sav + Preston’s love.

The shoe game is always a crowd pleaser + TOO CUTE!

Our stunning Sav.

& Of course we had to make time for some pics of the happy couple.


He adores her, we promise 😉

The gal’s. We were so excited to celebrate Sav… and spend time giggling with excitement.

It was a solid 85 degrees the day of the shower… so shortly after this photo was taken we drove to the nearest pool and celebrated even more.


We hope you LOVE this as much as we do! If you do, please like and share!


-Lily + Elyse

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